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Welcome to the LBSocial website, where you can learn the most advanced data science technologies in the cloud. This website provides interactive lectures, hands-on labs, and demo data sets for beginners who want to learn Python, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and GIS. Content is added and updated regularly.



Dr. Xuebin Wei is an Associate Professor at James Madison University. He has been teaching data science courses for more than six years and is an AWS Academy Certified Educator.

Interactive Lectures

Each course has multiple modules which consist of several interactive lectures. Each lecture is about 10 min long and embedded with several questions to test your understanding of the content. You need to answer the questions correctly to continue the lecture.

Hands-on Labs

A hands-on lab is provided in each module of the courses. Those labs help you better understand the content of the lectures. You can follow the provided step-by-step video tutorials to finish the labs. All demo datasets or codes are provided.

Cloud Resources

You can complete most labs using cloud-based resources that provide free or affordable academic licenses. Below are some tools used in the courses that have academic licenses.

Please click the Contact button at the bottom if you need help setting up those cloud-based resources or getting academic licenses.


All the content on this website is free to use. If you like them, please consider to Support us in producing more data science learning materials.

Other Resources

YouTube Channel: This channel provides video lectures and lab tutorials for you to learn more about data science and cloud-based learning resources.

GitHub: Provides demo codes, datasets, and tools for you to practice your knowledge in data science.

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