Demo of Login and Collect Facebook Friends' Data

This is a demo video (220 seconds) that shows how collects and displays yours and your friends' Facebook data.
You can also get Pulic Facebook posts and Tweets at .

1)Open Read the consent letter.


2) If you agree with the consent letter, log in with your Facebook account. This website has no access to your Facebook account.

login 2

3) Confirm the authorization.


4) The website will collect the location data from your posts/ photos at first.  If you encounter errors, please close the browser, and open it again in private/incognito mode. Finally you will see the number of your visited locations.


6) Clict Collect Friends' Facebook Data. The process may take 10-20 minutes depending on the number of your friends. The page may become blank during the data collection, you can go back to the main page and collect again! Every time when you click the Collect Friends' Facebook Data button, more friends' data will be extracted.


7) Click View Collected Friends' Data button to see the locations your friends had posted on Facebook. You can always go back to get more friends data and display them by clicking View Collected Fridns' Data button.


8) You can see your friends' locations on a map by clicking View Friends on Map.


9) Social Network Analysis functions provide network statistics and visualization of your Facebook friends' interactions.

network statistics

10) If you are a UGA student or faculty, you can cilck Get The Gift button to fill the gift form. After filling out the form, you will have a chance to get a UGA Key tag.


11) Here come the gifts. We appreciate your participation!